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Grief and Loss

Grief is the emotion we feel at times of significant loss. Grief is a term generally used to describe a reaction to a death. However, similar feelings can occur in response to any major loss or role transitions including: a relationship breakdown; a failed pregnancy; infertility; the loss of a job or role; or the loss of ability.

People experience grief in different ways including anger, shock, numbness, relief, confusion, sadness, guilt, sleeplessness and loss of appetite. Often it is experienced as an emotional roller-coaster. Although grief is a normal process, occasionally we can get 'stuck' in grief or have a delayed grief reaction. Some people use unhelpful means to cope, for example alcohol, avoidance of intimacy, isolation and withdrawal, and aggression. Depression can also develop from unresolved grief.

Psychological therapy can help facilitate the grieving process, manage the difficult emotions, reverse any unhelpful behaviours, develop any skills you may now need and help you move forward in a positive way with your life.

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