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Social Anxiety Help Sydney CBD

Humans are social beings; we need other people in our life to feel a sense of belonging. As such, we all need skills in how to be relaxed and effective in social situations. These necessary skills can range from: how to start a conversation; how to maintain a conversation; how to speak to someone in a position of authority; how to make new friends; how to date or show romantic interest in someone; how to give speeches or contribute to meetings; how to manage confrontations; how to make a request or say 'no'.

Social Anxiety can vary in scope and presentation. Some people only have difficulty in one or two of the above areas, others will describe themselves more generally as chronically shy or lacking self-confidence. They can worry in many social situations about what others think about them, being judged or doing or saying something inappropriate.

Most people with Social Anxiety will say that they have urges to avoid some social situations. They also tend to get embarrassed by their anxiety symptoms, which include: blushing, trembling, choking up, stuttering and sweating.

Psychological therapy for Social Anxiety will help you build necessary social skills, manage symptoms of anxiety, engage in the situations you have previously avoided and gain a sense of personal adequacy and self confidence.

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