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Worry or Generalised Anxiety Disorder Treatment Sydney

It can be useful to think about things that may happen in the future in order to plan or prepare for them. However, some people find that their 'What if ...?' thoughts are excessive, repetitive and take up a lot of their time, attention and energy. These people often notice a greater level of general tension; muscle aches; headaches or migraines; stomach aches and bowel symptoms; irritability; fatigue and insomnia.

People who worry excessively can also find that they are more prone to procrastination, set excessively high standards for themselves, and have a high level of self-criticism. They find that their worry and stress worsens when there is a lot of uncertainty in their life. They can also report that they find it difficult to make decisions and to set healthy boundaries with people, describing themselves as 'people pleasers'.

Some common areas of worry include: your health; your family's health; work and performance; finances; issues related to safety; relationships; being on time or making mistakes.

Psychological therapy for Worry or Generalised Anxiety Disorder will give you tools to better manage and 'turn off' your worry; help you to relax; take sensible risks; make decisions and be less self critical. This treatment usually also has the effect of improving your mood and self confidence.

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