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Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But some people find that they can not control their anger and that it leads them to be aggressive or react in ways that have begun to interfere in their work, personal relationships and quality of life.

Anger can be caused by both external events such as a traffic jam or internal events such as worry or traumatic memories. People can react to their anger in a number of ways: some people 'explode', some people 'stew' and others can be better at calming themselves and talking themselves down from anger.

Often people who are scared to assert their needs and opinions, or are under high stress, end up having difficulties with managing angry feelings. Other people may have difficulties with anger and frustration because of the high standards they set for themselves and others. Still others may have not have had the childhood experiences which would have helped them develop the skills of how to tolerate difficult emotions such as anger and regulate their emotional experiences.

Psychological therapy can teach you how to control anger by assertively expressing wishes and angry feelings. You can learn how to reduce physiological symptoms of anger; change your angry thinking patterns; and respond to difficult and frustrating situations in ways that are more effective.

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